Tegeman: history

Tegeman originated at the end of the 1980s as a house brand of Technigroup to meet the industry's demand for customized HVAC and cooling systems. The main markets at the time were explosion-proof cooling and HVAC appliances for the petrochemical industry. Initially they were intended for the port of Antwerp; later for the broader petrochemical and chemical industry as well as for export to oil-processing countries.

Over the years, the range of custom products has been expanded to cover all industrial sectors. Appliances of stainless steel were built for food companies and the chemical industry as well as chillers with special temperature regimes for technology companies.

The advent of offshore wind farms led to an increased demand for marine cooling units capable of being used in a rough and salty environment. Today, Tegeman moves up a gear with the commissioning of a new and fully-equipped workshop. Indeed, due to the increase in fragile materials and technologies in the series-built HVAC and cooling systems, demand for adapted and customized units is growing every year.